4 Hair-Moisturizing Myths that Spoil Your Hairdo!

This is absolutely true that perfectly moisturized hair looks healthier, stronger and more resilient. Still, even hair moisturizing is surrounded by many myths that spoil your hair. See our top 4!

1. Spraying some water on hair is a good way to moisturize it.

FALSE! This is a basic hair-care mistake. Remember that a constant supply of water doesn’t moisturize your hair. If the cuticles are open, hair loses moisture very fast. Highly-porous hair doesn’t hold water long. So, you need to pair your moisturizing product with ingredients that create a protective layer on the hair surface to prevent dryness. If your conditioner is rich in natural oils – castor, argan or jojoba oil  – you can be calm because your hair is protected from drying out.

2. Oily hair doesn’t need moisturizing.

FALSE! Surprisingly, hair often overproduces oil because of extremely dry scalp. Hair tries to replenish lost lipids while the scalp protects itself from drying out by producing excessive oil. To avoid that, remember to keep your hair moisturized so the scalp doesn’t need to “overwork”. You won’t be bothered by extremely dry, frizzy ends typical of greasy hair.

3. You need to apply more of a moisturizing product for better effects.

FALSE! Hair doesn’t need excessive application of any products. You need care customized to the condition of your strands. The excess is as bad as deficiency of different ingredients. Over-moisturized hair is heavy, volume-less and weighed down so you have problems styling it. Hair with too much moisture doesn’t look fresh long.

So, to moisturize the hair and not go too far – use lightweight, bi-phase hair mists that have a hydrating, shine-enhancing and protective effect. 3-4 pumps will do – your hair will look totally different!

4. Perfectly-moisturized hair keeps fresh long.

FALSE! If hair is moisturized, it has a microscopic shield on the surface so even sebum can’t penetrate it but builds up instead. That is why you need to wash it as often as necessary, even every day. At the same time, choose products that neither make hair greasy nor irritate the scalp. Your hair needs a constant supply of moisture – pick lightweight conditioner and treat the hair to a hydrating mask once a week – this professional product secures hair against heat-styling damage and dry air indoors.

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