Beauty Care Products from the Beehive. How Do They Work?

Herb-based home products make a perfect match with bees ingredients, including honey, royal jelly, propolis, wax and pollen. What benefits can you achieve thanks to using them in the every-day beauty care? How are they different?

All bees-derived substances work in the face, body and hair care yet they have different properties. The most important thing that these products have in common is going straight from the hive into our beauty cases. There are far more differences, though.

Everyone – no matter the age – can use HONEY in beauty care as it’s easily assimilable. Honey doesn’t have a shelf life as it doesn’t go off. It’s always fresh if it’s natural. Honey is rich in carbohydrates and enzymes that speed up or slow down certain chemical reactions. Considering beauty uses, its most crucial ingredients include vitamins, micro-nutrients, tannin and inhibin (a substance that has strong anti-bacterial properties).

Honey benefits: keeping the right level of hydration, tightening, smoothing, disinfecting, soothing

ROYAL JELLY is regarded as a rejuvenating product. The ingredient matters a lot in nature as it lets bees grow. It contains lots of substances that are important to the body – proteins, fats and over 20 minerals. Vitamins B, folic acid, pantothenic acid and biotin can be found in royal jelly, too.

Royal jelly benefits: strong anti-bacterial qualities, providing cellular renewal, protecting

PROPOLIS is most common as an antiseptic. It’s a sticky substance for building and sealing hives. The ingredient abounds in active chemical and biological compounds and essential elements, sterols, flavonoids and acids. Interestingly, Egyptians used propolis for body embalming in the ancient times.

Propolis benefits: anti-bacterial power, regenerating, speeding up the healing-up processes

POLLEN is not so common in beauty care yet it’s rich in essential substances. It contains large quantities of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, mineral salts, vitamins A, D, E, F, K and B. Pollen is full of antibiotics, hormones and growth stimulators, too. No wonder bees use it for producing honey.

Pollen benefits: beautifying, soothing inflammation, nourishing, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties

WAX is very popular in beauty care thanks to the richness of carbohydrates, essential esters and minerals. Although wax is not as rich in beneficial substances as other bees-derived products, it still offers lots of assets.

Wax benefits: strengthening, nourishing, protecting the skin, soothing 

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