Cosmetics with cooling properties

Menthol, pepper mint oil and eucalyptus – these are the main ingredients of cooling beauty products. How is it possible that after applying a cooling cosmetic we sense this pleasant refreshening in spite of the fact that the temperature hasn’t gone down even by one degree? Components of cooling beauty products, alike low temperature, stimulate cold receptors in a human body. The receptors send the right signal to brain immediately. As a result, we feel chill that is additionally intensified by mint-and-eucalyptus fragrance. This type of beauty products feature compounds (synthetic and natural) which don’t lower the factual body temperature, yet they produce the sensation of chill. Find out what really cools down in cooling beauty products and learn a few cosmetics featuring this quality.


What does cool down in cooling beauty products?

Menthol, pepper mint oil and eucalyptus are the main ingredients of cooling beauty products. You can find them in shower gels, body balms, shampoos as well as in face creams and masks. The highest concentration of these substances can be found in foot products as well as slimming down and anti-cellulite cosmetics. In some products, strong menthol is replaced by more gentle cooling substances such as aloe or algae extract.

Moreover, lemon, lime, grapefruit and other citrus fruit also work refreshening. Even if you don’t experience sensation of chill after using them, surely an impression of freshness will appear.

Cooling beauty products – examples

It goes without saying, cooling beauty products soothe tanned skin, especially. Mostly they are all cooling shower gels and post-tanning body balms. Some products own their cooling action to mint, aloe or green tea, other to citrus fruit, watermelon or melon. Such beauty products are frequently enriched with panthenol and vitamin E thanks to which they are able to ease tension, soothe skin irritation and make it smooth. The bottom line is that cooling beauty products don’t only cool body down but also bring relief.

Another type of cooling beauty products are, among others, cool face masks, under eye creams, cooling gel pads and icy face creams that face the problems affecting capillary skin.

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