Damaged hair? Avoid these habits and your hairstyle will be even more beautiful

Dry hair that lacks shine and has split ends? If that’s the description of your hair, maybe you should change your beauty routine and the way of styling? Discover what mistakes to avoid to enhance the condition of your hair. 

Frequent hair colour-treatments or bleaching 

Drastic or frequent colour changes can damage the hair irreversibly. Lightening and colouring with products with ammonia cause drying out and weakening of the hair. It also leads to the splitting of their ends, and even irritation and dandruff. For safety, always choose natural colouring cosmetics and use products that protect against unwanted side effects.

Hot styling 

The use of a hairdryer, hair straightener or curler also damages the hair. The high temperature that these tools produce, leads to the evaporation of water, and keratin – a substance contained in the hair. If you cannot give up on hot styling, use heat protective cosmetics before and after the treatment. Not only will they protect the strands and the scalp, but also improve moisturizing, enhance gloss and smoothness; What is more, they will also deliver many nutrients to the strands.

Towel-drying wet hair 

Right after washing the hair, gently squeeze the hair to get rid of excess water. You should not pull it and rub with a towel. Why? The hair cuticles of wet hair are raised, and abnormal wiping can damage them. Therefore, use a paper disposable towel to wipe your hair, and then use a cotton towel. Always remember to be especially gentle with wet hair.

Rapid, intense and too often hair brushing 

There is no need to brush your hair several times during the day; just do it in the morning and in the evening. Do not use force when detangling your strands. By doing this carelessly or not gently enough, we damage the hair structure and weaken the bulbs, which contributes to increased hair static or hair loss.

Tight updos

Such hairstyles also strain hair and hair follicles. Ponytails tied high on the head, tight buns, braids, weaken the hair and can contribute to increased fall out. It also means that in the future the hair will be more susceptible to damage and will become thinner. Moreover, it is also worth paying attention to hair accessories. Those with metal elements can deform your strands.

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