Eyelash permanent wave procedure step by step

Eyelash permanent wave is the equivalent to hair perm. It’s a beauty treatment that depends on creating curve to the lashes. This cosmetics procedure can be carried out to long and short eyelashes, however, the effect is obviously more spectacular with long lashes. The lifespan of eyelash permanent wave holds from 6 to 8 weeks. How does eyelash permanent wave procedure look like?

Eyelash permanent wave procedure step by step

1. Prior to visiting a beautician

The entire procedure lasts approximately an hour. However, before visiting a beautician, take off your contact lenses and wipe off make-up.

2. Preparations for the cosmetics procedure

The beautician makes your eyelashes ready for the procedure by degreasing them with physiological saline or castor oil and run a special comb through the hairs. Then, she chooses a rod of the right shape. Actually, there are three sizes of the rods:

  • S for short lashes,
  • M for mid-length lashes,
  • L for long lashes.

3. Application of the rod

Next, the beautician damps your lashes with a preparation and then applies a rod at their base. The shape of rod is adjusted to match the shape of eyelid. The lashes are pressed to the rod with the use of a small wooden stick.

4. Application of gels

There are two types of gels that eyelashes are exposed to. One of them is to interfere with eyelash outer structures, make the cuticles rise, whereas the other gel fixes the curl effect. Both of the gels must remain on the lashes for 10 minutes. The wooden stick is being constantly kept clean and wiped dry so as to prevent eyes from the irritating substances.

5. Rod removal

The last stage of eyelash permanent wave is removing the rod. To do it, eyelids are delicately stretched so as to facilitate rolling the rod upwards.

Eyelash permanent wave – contraindications and side effects

Although eyelash permanent wave is a cosmetics procedure of numerous advantages, there are some contraindications to undergoing it and are connected with a few side effects.

  • Eyelash permanent wave – contraindications
    Firstly, eyelash permanent wave mustn’t be carried out if contact lenses are still inserted. Also, the procedure can’t be performed on people who have recently undergone surgeries of eye skin area, suffer from sty, eye inflammations or allergies.
  • Eyelash permanent wave – side effects
    Eyelash permanent wave may worsen eyelash condition, which means that the hair might become brittle and dehydrated after being exposed to the very procedure. Other possible side effect is unevenly curled and contorted eyelashes.

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