Face serum with VIT. C: What makes it one of the most essential skincare products?

Find out how much your face skin can win if you introduce vitamin C – one of the most potent substances displaying beautifying and regenerating properties – into your daily skincare routine. Undoubtedly, vitamin C is essential to treat skin in different ages. Nowadays, vitamin C is a substance that underwent numerous clinical tests, which resulted in creating its stabilized and highly effective form. When applied properly, it’s completely safe to be used in home treatments.

Once turned 25, skin starts ageing slowly. From this point in time, fibrous proteins begin disappearing gradually which results in reduced amount of collagen and elastin in skin. All metabolic processes are carried out more slowly and skin gets flabby. The good news though is that application of the right cosmetics containing stable vitamin C are able to stimulate skin to re-synthesize the protein of youth, which is collagen. Furthermore, vitamin C doesn’t only serve those who turned 25. This essential nutrient helps combat acne that appears during teenage years, and additionally it’s able to reduce post-acne marks and discolorations.

Why is vitamin C so crucial for you to remain healthy and beautiful?

Not only is vitamin C one of the best beauty boosters but also it makes a decent food supplement. It’s beneficial to supply body with vitamin C daily by consuming food rich in this essential nutrient. Also, when using a face serum with vitamin C, you take a huge step forward in skincare. It’s common that just one application of such cosmetic suffices to notice huge improvement in both the state and look of face skin. To clarify, face skin becomes nourished, brightened up and rested.

Benefits of vitamin C

  • Accelerates lipid metabolism.
  • Facilitates iron absorption.
  • Reduces infections affecting skin and inner body.
  • Stimulates growth and improves abilities of the cells of the immune system.
  • Protects against ischaemic heart disease, cataract and development of cancer.
  • It’s a strong antioxidant that protects skin against the adverse effects of free radicals, lipid peroxides and urban pollution, including smog.
  • Intensifies collagen production, facilitates wound healing processes, reduces bruises and maintains good condition of capillaries.
  • Fights off wrinkles.
  • Cures acne and helps erase post-acne marks.
  • Highlights discolorations and leaves skin bright.

As mentioned earlier, exposing skin to vitamin C positively influences collagen synthesis, therefore its application boosts the effectiveness of various skin beautifying treatments no matter if carried out at home and in a beauty salon.

It must be also realized that human body isn’t able to produce vitamin C on its own, therefore it’s crucial to supply skin with this essential nutrient regularly. The stronger and more resistant the skin cells are (which translates into better collagen production), the longer you can enjoy flawless and youthful looking skin with no traces of fine lines.

Furthermore, vitamin C is engaged in combating the most harmful factors that our skin is exposed to – UV rays, drug and stimulants use, chronic stress, bad eating habits. Therefore, vitamin C – by shielding skin from these aggressors – serves perfectly as a photo-ageing prophylaxis.

It has a skin lift effect, smooths skin out and reinforces epidermis. Moreover, vitamin C deals with various diseases, irritations and shields skin against discolorations. Vitamin C is an energy boost for skin – it’s perfectly suitable to be used to treat and improve appearance of face and body skin no matter the age.

Which form of vitamin C should you look for in beauty products?

To enjoy all the benefits of vitamin C, its form has to be stable and well-absorbed by skin. The most common form of vitamin C is l-ascorbic acid which doesn’t produce many positive effects because when exposed to light and oxygen it becomes unstable. Luckily, new advancements in technology allowed humans to create 3-O-ethyl-l-ascorbic acid, which is now the best, bioavailable and most stable version of vitamin C. When added to face serums, these form of vitamin C delivers the best effects (with serum it’s transported to the deeper skin layers).

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