Face Wrinkles – Why They Occur & How to Fight Them?

All facial wrinkles are formed in a similar way and are strictly connected with the skin ageing. First ones may appear even around the age of 20 and are often accompanied by expression lines. It is because the wrinkles are inseparably linked to the facial expression. There are fine lines on our faces but the wrinkles are much more visible because they affect larger face areas. Why they come into being and how to tackle them?


Facial wrinkles – causes

When we grow older, our bodies produce less collagen and elastin; the amount of the hyaluronic acid (a natural filler which ensures bounce and elasticity) in skin drops. That is why the skin begins to sag whereas its surface gets creases and roughness. Our age isn’t the only cause of wrinkles. Genetic predispositions, lifestyle, diet, stress and drugs are responsible for that, too.

Face wrinkles & their types

The most common face wrinkles include:

  • the lion wrinkle – located on the forehead, between the eyebrows
  • nasolabial folds – range from the nasal plates to the lip corners
  • Marionette lines – vertical lines between the chin and the cheeks
  • tear through – under eye bags that are formed due to the loss of elasticity in the eye muscle

How to delay the occurrence of wrinkles?

The good news is that actually there are ways to keep the wrinkles from occurring too soon. A bit of involvement may slightly smooth the ones that already exist. How to do that? Surely, some aesthetic medicine procedures (hyaluronic acid fillers, lipo-filling, laser, thread lifting) give the fastest effects but they’re often very pricey. On a daily basis, we can declare war on the wrinkles, too. Here are the most effective methods to fight with them:

1. How to get rid of face wrinkles – do face yoga & exercise

Since the face is built of muscles, the proper exercises can strikingly improve its oval, elasticity, bounce and tightness. Regularly-done yoga or suitable exercises and massage are one of the most spectacular ways to fight wrinkles off. A fit face is a young face which stays untouched by sagging cheeks, wrinkles and creases.

2. How to get rid of face wrinkles – give up smoking

Smoking cigarettes harms your health and causes lots of diseases – we all know that. However, few people realize that cigarettes irreversibly damage collagen fibres and that when you draw on a cigarette, you ‘build’ nasolabial folds – that’s the reason why they’re known as the smoker’s wrinkles. If you desire to have a youthful and firm skin without wrinkles – give up smoking.

3. How to get rid of face wrinkles – apply products with a high SPF

The sun irreversibly destroys the resources of collagen in the skin and contributes to the photo-ageing, therefore it’s best if you can give up on your relationship with the sun. Frequent sun baths and exposure to the harmful radiation are among the most common causes of wrinkles. If you go out to the sunlight – always apply a high SPF moisturiser.

4. How to get rid of face wrinkles – use suitable skin products

The substances that you ‘put’ on your face have a huge impact on the state of the skin. Make sure your face creams have a rich composition and abound in anti-ageing ingredients (hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and C, retinol, coenzyme Q10).

5. How to get rid of face wrinkles – hydrate your skin

Moisturising is the basis for beautiful, smooth and elastic skin which isn’t sagging. That is why hyaluronic acid is so significant in cosmetics – it is able to maintain the same level of moisture and binds even 250 water molecules at a time. You get a great moisture boost by drinking lots of mineral water throughout the day. It’s a sip for the health and youthfulness of the whole body.

6. How to get rid of face wrinkles – get your beauty sleep

Sleep is a natural body repair process, affecting the skin, too. During the sleep, lots of essential processes take place – they would never be so powerful during the day. That is why the skin is so smooth, firm and fresh immediately after waking up. Sleep is one of the best skin products so try to sleep minimum 7-8 hours a day and always go to bed after removing make-up. Also, always apply a rich anti-ageing serum and/or a natural revitalising face oil in the evening.

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