How to apply scalp lotion? All hair maniacs love this method

Apart from shampoos, conditioners and masks, hair treatments such as oiling as well as peculiar gadgets to treat hair with, somewhere at the bottom of a big vanity bag there is a scalp lotion hidden. This marvelous cosmetics should become one of the key elements of hair and scalp care. Find out how they work and how to apply them to obtain the best effects.

Scalp lotion – A must-have in hair care

Just like shampoos, conditioners and masks, scalp lotions should be recognized as a compulsory product to be introduced in each hair care type. Basically, it shouldn’t be treated as a product that might be applied once in a while. It must be realized that if you look at a head as a whole, there is not such a big difference between face skin and scalp. So why do we neglect taking care of our scalps?

How does scalp lotion work?

Scalp lotions have a really wide range of applications. Their main tasks include:

  • accelerating hair growth;
  • regulating sebum production;
  • combating greasy scalp;
  • soothing inflammations;
  • helping cure dandruff;

How to apply scalp lotion?

The best way to apply a scalp lotion is by using a syringe (obviously without a needle). Part your hair and then apply to the very skin a few drops of the scalp lotion using a syringe. Massage the lotion into scalp. Repeat the procedure until you cover the entire scalp with the cosmetic. You can distribute the scalp lotion on hair roots by using your fingers. At the end, you can do a scalp massage which will help you boost blood flow in scalp, accelerate absorption of the product and give you a moment of relaxation.

Syringe application – Pluses

Using a syringe to apply a scalp lotion guarantees that we:

  • won’t waste the product which, when applied with the fingers covers hair rather than scalp;
  • won’t omit any part of the scalp;
  • control the amount of scalp lotion applied so we can predict when we’ll run out of it;
  • stimulate scalp while massaging it.

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