How to cleanse the skin after waking up?

Cleansing the skin is an important stage of our skin care routine.  We remove sebum, cosmetics, sweat and dust from the face and body so that the skin can function properly. We usually cleanse it thoroughly in the evening. And do we need such intense care in the morning as well?

Is the skin cleansing in the morning really necessary?

For most of us, it seems only during the day that impurities accumulate on the skin. Meanwhile, sebum and sweat can also be released over night, and bacteria and dust mites can be found on and in the cushion. If we do not wash them off the face in the morning, then after applying the cream and putting on makeup, bacteria that cause acne and other dermatological diseases may appear. However, on the other hand, our skin does not need as strong cleansing in the morning as it should be done in the evening. For face and body care, we need a mild cosmetic or boiled water.

How about not washing the skin in the morning?

There are people who give up their morning routine. This is not the best solution, because skin deprived of proper treatment gains the tendency to dry out, become greasy or irritated. The same happens when the wrong cleansing of the face is used with the help of inappropriately chosen cosmetics. That is why it is worth determining the type of your complexion and then adjusting the appropriate products.

The perfect cosmetic for skin cleansing is …

Your skincare product should meet the following conditions:

  1. On the one hand, it should be effective and on the other – mild.
  2. It must remove impurities, but it cannot dry out the skin and give the astringent effect.
  3. It should provide the skin with protection against external factors throughout the day.
  4. It must not interfere with the natural protective barrier of the skin.

Sensitive skin care

Water will be best for washing sensitive skin. It cannot be ordinary tap water because it is hard and could dry out your skin even more. A good solution would be to use floral water or a hydrolate. These cosmetics have refreshing, moisturizing, soothing and anti-free radical properties. What’s more, they restore the skin’s natural pH. For sensitive skin, try hydrolate from a prickly pear, rosemary or damask rose.

Cleansing oily skin

In contrast to the sensitive skin, it secretes a very large amount of sebum, which needs to be removed so as not to multiply dangerous bacteria and fungi. To clean this type of skin, gentle gels can be used that will not affect the hydro-lipidic coat. The product cannot be too aggressive but it cannot be too mild either. It should, however, remove sebum, sweat and other pollution while moisturizing and soothing the skin.

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