How to get rid of acne once and for all?

Popping pimples, alcohol-based toners, sunbed, several layers of foundation… This is not the way to get rid of acne. You must do something totally different. Check how to eliminate acne once and for all, and what to do to enjoy a healthy and beautiful complexion. Read about some very simply tricks.

Do not touch your face! 

Do not pop or press. Acne skin cannot be touched because this is the way to transfer germs – you scratch the pimples and damage the epidermis. If you work in front of a computer or you haven’t washed your hands after coming back home but you’ve touched your face – you have done a lot of harm to your skin. You spread the acne over the face through popping and scratching the pimples. Try not to touch your skin when it isn’t necessary. Don’t rest your chin on hands. Always wash your hands before morning and evening skin care.

Gently purifity 

You don’t have to use cosmetics with dehydrating substances to remove sebum, dead skin cells and other impurities. You should also avoid toners which contain some acids, alcohol or strong detergents. Remember not to disturb the lipid protective barrier of the skin. If you do it, the skin will produce more sebum. As a consequence, new pimples will appear and acne will intensify.


Yes, you’ve heard it right. Moisturising is the best way to eliminate acne once and for all. If you use proper products, you will restore skin pH, fix damage in protective lipid-water layer, regulate sebum secretion and functioning of sebaceous glands. Use lightweight moisturisers in the morning to work as a make-up primer. Use concentrated serum formulas in the evening.


Choose mild scrubs for exfoliating acne-affected skin. Enzyme scrubs will be the best as they dissolve dead skin cells and leave the skin smooth and clean. Avoid coarse-grained scrubs which may damage the epidermis, cause irritation and breakouts.

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