How to remove hybrid manicure? Meet two effective methods

hybrid manicureHybrids. This manicure is more and more popular these days. It looks really great and is super long lasting. Despite being time consuming and expensive, each one of us at least once in a lifetime had this manicure. However, do you know how hybrid manicure is removed? Check out and do it yourself.

Two techniques of hybrids removal

There are two simple methods for removing hybrid manicure. These methods are safe and in no way weaken nail plate. Test each of them and choose your favourite. Remember only that you should never try removing hybrid manicure at a push. This way you could seriously damage fingernails. Hybrids are the most durable manicure. Correctly performed and fixed will last even several weeks. This is why it is so popular among so many women.

Method number one: filing

This is the easiest and fastest technique concerning hybrids. Start filing the hybrid from the top coat, i.e. top layer of the manicure. This method is great when you want to do your roots. Just leave the hardened gel on your fingernails. If you decided to remove hybrid entirely, using this method, remember to do it really gently. Otherwise, you can do damage to nail plate and cuticles.

Method number two: acetone

Before you treat your fingernails with acetone, file the top layer, i.e. top coat. Then use clips, which are special gadget for removing gel, hybrid and glitter. It is resistant to acetone and can be used multiple times. Soak facial rounds with acetone, wrap around your fingernails then place clip on it. After 15 minutes hybrid will dissolve and you will be able to lever the gel up and remove it. If you have no clips, you can soak your fingernails in a small bowl with acetone. Be careful: skin on your fingers can become very dry afterwards.

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