How to replenish dry skin with water? Ways of dealing with dry skin

Dry skin is a common problem of many women. This condition might have various causes and be the consequence of following an imbalanced diet, application of ill-matching care products or inadequate body hydration. How to moisturize, hydrate and feed dry skin? Here are our ways to do it.

How to hydrate dry skin?

The greatest need of dry skin is water. Water, which owing to its properties influences the skin improvement most positively, should contain a lot of dissolved oxygen (optimally 13:15 mg of oxygen per one liter of water). Such concentration aids in keeping the adequate blood hydration. If an organism is hydrated sufficiently, oxygen transportation is carried out more effectively, and once it’s supplied with blood, skin becomes nourished. As a consequence, we regain healthy skin tone and minimize the risk of premature aging.

The optimal pH level of mineral water should range between 7.7 and 8.0 because only alcanic reaction allows to deacidify organism in a non-invasive way, supports cell physiology and helps remove toxins. Additionally, it maintains acid-base balance of an organism. For that reason, drinking at least two liters of water a day (especially water of the above-mentioned properties) should be recognized as every woman’s obligation.

How to feed dry skin?

In order to improve the state of your skin, you should introduce cold-pressed olive oil and fatty fish to your diet. The latter, owing to being a source of omega-3 and omega-6 acids, influences skin tissue suppleness and delivers vitamin E, which is responsible for improving face skin condition. Moreover, you shouldn’t refrain from consuming fresh vegetable and fruit, especially carrot, spinach, kale, red pepper and melon. Beta-karoten that all of them contain, maintains skin pigmentation and prevents excessive epidermal ichthyosis.

Coffee should be cut down on to one cup per day. It’s worth replacing it with mineral water because owing to regular drinking, which equals keeping hydration at adequate level, is comparable with the action delivered by caffeine. Namely, mineral water, alike coffee, stimulates, boosts concentration and aids in fulfilling tasks that we approach every day.

How to moisturize dry skin?

In order to make body moisturized, it must be hydrated and fed well. Skin moisturizing is dealt with well-matching cosmetics. Although all women, regardless of their skin type, struggle with the problem of dehydrated skin, the care type offered to the skin should answer each person’s needs. Therefore, to choose the most appropriate type of care, it’s advised to consult a dermatologist who will analyze each case individually and suggest the most optimal preparations to treat skin with. They have to be applied accordingly to the instructions given by the specialist and long enough until you see the looked-for results.

Among all the moisturising cosmetics, there are also preparations available only in a pharmacy, and they are water-based. Herbal distillates and thermal waters, including rose water, are beloved by women because of their moisturising, soothing and refreshing properties. In order to use rose water in the right way, you just need to wipe your face with a cotton pad dampen with the rose water. Do it evening and morning.

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