How to slim your face down? Home methods to make face look slimmer

The latest researches have proven that the most desired shape of face among women is diamond, which can be described as a slender face, with clear cheekbones and narrow chin. Luckily, there are ways to slim face down without surgical intervention. How to make your face look slimmer due to makeup, cosmetics, hairstyle, massage and jewelry? Here are some home methods to apply straight away.

How to slim face down with makeup?

In order to make your face look slimmer, it’s worth giving a go to face shaping. Face shaping is a special technique of applying makeup popularized by Kim Kardashian. It can be done either wet or dry.

  • Dry face shaping
    In order to shape your face appropriately, use either pressed or caked bronzers. However, before swinging into action, you must fix the makeup first so as to prevent blemishing spots – it would be hard to cover them up later. Apart from the colour cosmetics, you need to equip yourself with the right set of makeup brushes.
  • Wet face shaping
    This type of face contouring is possible owing to cream bronzers, stick bronzers and cream palettes. Although this technique occupies more time than its dry version, it’s definitely easier to apply it in the right way. Wet face shaping should be appreciated mostly by women who have just started their journey with this makeup technique. Why is that? Because it rarely creates unwanted marks and spots, and even if there are some, it’s easy to correct them.

How to slim face down with cosmetics?

To slim face down, you can also turn to the right cosmetics, especially some skin lifting creams and a face mask. The latter can be prepared at home by using for example orange, natural yogurt, oat flakes and an ampule with vitamin E. Take a deep bowl to pour there two spoons of oat flakes and cover them with yogurt, three spoons of orange juice and the capsule with vitamin E. Combine the ingredients and once mixed, massage the mask into the face. Towel the face dry after rinsing the mask.

How to slim face down with hairstyle?

Long, wavy hair slims face down, just like a side parting does. Women who don’t like wearing long hair, might give a try to a classic bob with longer strands at the front or an updo with some wisps hanging freely at the sides. Moreover, layered hair will also serve its purpose no matter the hair length.

How to slim face down with massage?

Face massage allows to shape face, slim it down and lift cheeks. This treatment lasts approximately ten minutes. It can be carried out at any part of the day, dry or with the use of natural oil. Massage that slims face down depends on pressing forehead, cheeks and chin delicately.

How to slim face down with jewelry?

Another way that helps to create the impression of slimmer face is wearing matching jewelry. In this situation it’s worth reaching for long or chain earnings. Those who wish to slim their faces down using jewelry shouldn’t wear chokers since the effect will be contrary to the expected.

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