Mad About Curls & Mad About Waves by Schwarzkopf – product review

Are you feeling like new hairstyle? Why not? Go for curls and waves that will change your looks! To make them last throughout the day, you must fix and set them properly. Use the new products fro Schwarzkopf: Mad About Curles & Mad About Waves.


The new series of hair products by Schwarzkopf

The new cosmetics from Schwarzkopf have been divided into two groups: Mad About Curls contains:

  • Mad about Curls Low Foam Cleanser
  • Mad about Curls High Foam Cleanser
  • Mad about Curls Two-way Conditioner 250ml
  • Mad about Curls Twister Definition Cream
  • Mad about Curls Butter Treatment
  • Mad about Curls Light Whipped Foam 150ml
  • Mad about Curls Quencher Oil Milk 200ml

The second set of new cosmetics from Schwarzkopf, Mad About Waves, comprises:

  • Mad about Waves Sea Blend Texturizing Spray
  • Mad about Waves Sulfate Free Cleanser
  • Mad about Waves Light Splash Conditioner 250ml
  • Mad about Waves Refresher Dry Shampoo 150ml
  • Mad about Waves Windy Texture Balm 150ml
  • Mad about Waves Windswept Conditioner

Schwarzkopf cosmetics Mad About Curls & Mad About Waves have a lightweight formula that does not overburden the hair. Before the application, read the label to learn how to apply the products properly and gain the best possible results.

The conception of the Schwarzkopf brand

The new cosmetics from Schwarzkopf, Mad About Curls & Mad About Waves, are designed to convince women that not only straight hair can be fashionable and nice. Waves and curls can also delight and emphasize natural beauty. The Mad About Curls & Mad About Waves series will definitely convince everyone. The cosmetics from this line include ingredients and solutions that are to protect the hair against harmful external factors, strengthen the strands and provide thermal protection. Thanks to Schwarzkopf products your hair will be moisturized, glossy and deeply nourished. The most important thing, however, is that the curl shape will be enhanced and fixed for a very long time.

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