New in from Kevin.Murphy: styling pastes for short hair styling

Apparently, short hair turns out to the most difficult to style. If you have enough crumpled strands and flyaways on all sides, try out Kevin.Murphy styling pastes. They are now available in new, larger packages!


Short hair styling pastes

Kevin.Murphy brand has several short styling pastes in its offer. They are all closed in boxes with a rather harsh design and a capacity of 100 grams. These include

  • Super.Goo – gel paste with a rubber consistency,
  • Night.Rider – strong paste with a matte finish,
  • Rough.Rider – a very firm paste with matte finish,
  • Easy.Rider – smoothing paste,
  • Free.Hold – medium-firm paste and natural shine.

What do the styling pastes contain?

All Kevin.Murphy brand pastes contain both nourishing and taming ingredients. These consist of:

  • beeswax that nourishes and polishes, prevents splitting and drying of hair and protects against high temperatures;
  • grapefruit extract supports hair growth and provides it with vitamins C and E necessary for proper functioning;
  • mandarin peel oil smoothes the hair scales and protects the strands from damage thanks to the antioxidant content;
  • pomelo extract supports hair regeneration and regulates the work of sebaceous glands;
  • diatomaceous earth absorbs excess sebum and gives a matte effect;
  • extracts from soy and bamboo to set the hairstyle;
  • lanolin moisturizes the scalp and provides softness and smoothness to the hair;
  • green tea leaf extract prevents splitting of the ends of the strands and protects the hair from harmful external factors;
  • pelargonium, patchouli, lavender and jasmine oils positively affect both the appearance and condition of hair and scalp.

What are the effects of styling pastes?

Kevin.Murphy pastes provide good fixation without sticking the hair, white deposit and greasy scalp. Cosmetics are to prevent hair from getting frizzy, allow you to style the hair according to our preferences and change the shape of the strands (thicken thin hair, and soften thick hair). Hairstyle set with Kevin.Murphy pastes lasts throughout the day; In the evening you can easily remove the cosmetics with water and shampoo.

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