Plant Stem Cells. Is This the Best Ingredient in Cosmetics?

They haven’t been used in cosmetology long yet they have already got a huge group of fans. Even though they are extremely effective, they still arouse controversies. What’s the truth behind the plant stem cells?


Ever-lasting youthfulness 

Do you know that human cells have the ability to divide throughout the life? What’s more, they can transform into specialised cells which repair damage in tissues. Too bad, the number of cellular divisions is dropping when we age; the self-repair ability is reduced. It’s one of the causes of skin aging. That is why scientists are searching for human body-rejuvenating remedies with the use of plant stem cells.

Cosmetics with plant stem cells

Believe it or not, a few years ago, scientists discovered that substances in plant stem cells affect human cells. They try to come up with a technology that could transport them into deep skin layers. It turned out that it is possible thanks to closing the plant stem cells in liposomes. Such ingredients easily regenerate human skin by promoting the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Healing plants

In cosmetology, lots of human body rejuvenating plants are used e.g. argan tree or apple stem cells. These plants are rich in substances which fight free radicals, smooth wrinkles, increase skin firmness and protect against the sunlight. Moreover, they activate hair growth, make wounds heal faster, protect from the oxidative stress and increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Do you know…

In order to affect the skin, plant stem cells must be kept alive all the time. It means they must be cultivated and stored in proper conditions. Unfortunately, plant stem cells in cosmetics have little conditioning power and contain trace amounts of nutrients. To make things worse, it is not known yet how the human body would adapt cells coming from a foreign body. Injecting plant cells in our bodies could lead to the development of cancer.

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