Post-shaving skin irritation? Get rid of it

beauty.jpgRazors, wax, epilator… no matter what you remove your hair with, your skin reacts in irritation. Small wounds, scabs, ingrown hair and many other imperfections that cost you sleepless nights. Find out how to overcome them and enjoy smooth and beautiful skin.

Post-shaving irritations usually appear on sensitive and thin skin. Redness that occurs after hair removal is the sign of tiny inflammations. In addition, you can feel tightness, your skin is itching and flaking excessively. The allergic reaction is the result of using inappropriate cosmetics. Fortunately, such soreness can be handled very easily. Simply follow a few golden rules.

 First of all, clean razor

If you use disposable razor, you should disinfect it before using it. For such purpose you can use a special liquid that can be purchased in every pharmacy. Then, after shaving, simply throw it away. Do not live it in your bathroom because wet blades and the moisturising strip will accumulate bacteria. Using such product once again will definitely cause irritation. Also, use shaving creams, preferably those designed for sensitive skin.

Secondly, clean skin and water

When removing unwanted hair, always make sure that your skin is thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated prior to the procedure. For rinsing your razor and hair off of the blades use clean running water. Remember not to remove hair from the body while sitting in the bathtub full of water. If you accidentally injure yourself, germs floating in the water will easily get into your body. In such conditions irritation will occur much faster.

Thirdly, use soothing cosmetics

If you notice that irritation, red marks or pimples appeared on your body, immediately use soothing cosmetics. Such products have antibacterial, soothing effects as well as prevents further damage to the epidermis. You can try aloe vera gel, chamomile or cooling wraps. Remember that before each epilation it is important to thoroughly exfoliate your body. This will remove dead skin cells and the razor blade will glide smoothly.

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