Quick method for pimple. How to get rid of an unwanted guest?


You wake up in the morning. You have planned an important business meeting, a date, or (important!) your own wedding for this day. You stand in front of a mirror, see your reflection, and see IT. In the middle of the nose/forehead/cheek/chin (pick one) you have a huge, red, painful… pimple! What to do in a situation as such?Don’t panic! There is no situation without a way out. Take a deep breath and test quick ways for a pimple that will help you get rid of an unwanted guest. Ahead of you are carefully selected, often recommended, and best-rated methods for the elimination of pimples. Don’t think too much, take matters into your own hands – it is the easiest to defeat the enemy when you take him by surprise.

Pimple. Know your enemy!

The best method for pimples is to prevent it. If you try hard enough, you can avoid this sort of surprise on the skin.

You should remember that pimples are often the effect of incorrect diet – too spicy, too greasy, processed foods that work for us unfavorably. You can add to it a hormonal disorder, genes, puberty, etc. Therefore, you should pay close attention to your health. However, what you need to take into account the most is the incorrect skincare that clogs pores. The effect of the use of incorrect creams and oils or that we do not cleanse the skin correctly cause inflammations and unwanted skin changes.

Pimples usually are gone after a few days. Inflammation disappears and the pimple is gone (if you do not rake it over). Until then you should camouflage the change with make-up. It is good to remember that you have options! There are methods for quick pimple removal that make an individual pimple not as scary.

How to get rid of the pimple?

● Garlic stamp for the pimples

First thing you can do is to use garlic for the unwanted guest. It holds strong antioxidant properties so a slice of garlic used locally on the skin change is able to lessen the inflammation and make the pimple disappear super fast. This sort of garlic stamp just needs to be pressed against the skin change for 15 minutes.

● Honey and cinnamon paste

If you do not want to just sit around and hold garlic against your face, you can use homemade pimple paste. You just need to mix up honey and cinnamon (both ingredients have strong antioxidant action) to obtain a thick paste. You can use it locally on the pimples before bed and in the morning you will wake up free of them. The paste will be absorbed and the pimple will be gone.

● Tomato paste for the pimples

Similar action holds tomatoes that are a natural and rich source of lycopene, the substance that eliminates acne. Making this paste for pimples is really simple. Just crush the ripe tomato with a fork then apply the paste to unwanted skin changes. Just 15 minutes is enough to dry out the fresh pimple and speed up healing.

● Baking soda for acne

If you have baking soda at home, you can use it as well. When mixed with water to gain a thick paste texture, it can be used for local use on pimples because it dries them out and has antibacterial action. However, you shouldn’t keep baking soda on the skin for no longer than half an hour because it may dry out the skin.

● Toothpaste for the pimples

Similar action holds toothpaste. Even though the application of toothpaste to the pimple seems odd, it really works. The toothpaste also holds antibacterial action and dries out the change so the skin heals faster and the pimple is gone within a few hours. However, you should remember to use this method for pimples only occasionally and do not overuse it.

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