Semi Permanent Lips Make-up – procedure and effects

Semi permanent make-up is a good idea for a nice look and long-lasting effects. It has been designed for every woman, especially for those who are not happy with their own lips. If you are one of them, check the details of the treatment and what kind of effects you can expect.

What is semi permanent lip treatment?

This is a procedure that combines the features of regular make-up and tattooing. It is recommended for the owners of asymmetrical or narrow lips, those with white bumps or for women who simply want to make their lives easier. However, semi permanent lip make-up is still associated with filling the lips with colour. In fact, the treatment is the most popular among busy or active women.

How does the treatment look like?

Before the treatment you have to take antiviral drugs that protect from herpes. If by any chance it appears on the skin, the technician will be able to do the treatment after two weeks from healing. One week before the procedure, you should thoroughly exfoliate and moisturise your lips. Thanks to this, dead skin cells will be removed and the procedure will be less painful and more effective. If you consider trying lip augmentation, first do the semi-permanent lip make-up.

How does it exactly look like? It is preceded by a conversation during which all contraindications and expectations are discussed. The following factors are included: ink colour, skin tone, beauty type, lip shape and shade of teeth. Then the cosmetologist draws a lip contour with a pencil and applies a numbing gel. For a natural, 3D effect two dyes are used to fill in the lips. The whole treatment takes from one to two hours.

After the treatment, the lips are swollen and often peel. The colour is strong but it gets lighter when the lips stop peeling. For this reason, some people decide to add some dye after a month to maintain the intense colour. The swelling comes off very quickly – after a few days. During the first treatment, you have to take proper care of your lips:

  • take antiviral drugs,
  • moisturise the lips several times a day,
  • it’s not allowed to scratch, wash them with soap or exfoliate,
  • avoid going to the swimming pool, gym, tanning salon, and generally limit exposure to sunlight

Semi permanent make-up – contraindications

  • herpes and a tendency to its return;
  • tumor;
  • pregnancy or breast-feeding;
  • body inflammation;
  • keloid-prone skin;
  • taking antithrombotic agents and steroids;
  • allergy to ink;
  • psoriasis;
  • epilepsy;
  • blood coagulation disorders.

Semi permanent lip make-up methods

There are three basic methods of semi permanent lip make-up. The first one involves two steps: in the first one we draw the contours of lips and in the second one the ink is applied from the outer lip corner to obtain a 3D effect. Another method involves the use of a dye in only one shade. There is also a method in which the cosmetician does not draw the contour. Liplight is additional lightening above the upper lip to optically enlarge the lips.

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