The best cosmetic ingredients for spring

Usually, after winter, the complexion is not in the best form – tired, hypoxic, dry and grey. Together with vitamins and lipids, it loses its glow and elasticity, making it more susceptible to irritation. It has been weakened by frost, wind and air conditioning, and consequently dehydrated, flabby and dull. To prevent this, you should use cosmetics to cleanse and moisturize the skin. Here are the best cosmetic ingredients for spring.

Step 1. For cleansing, use:

  • vitamin C and E,
  • green tea,
  • propolis.

In order for the skin to accept nutrients that reduce discolouration, brighten it and give it a unified colour, it should be cleansed thoroughly. Post-winter skin regeneration can be provided by cosmetics rich in vitamin C and E, which play an important role in the care and treatment of capillary skin. These popular antioxidants can be used prophylactically or therapeutically. Vitamin C brightens the complexion and discolourations as well as stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the dermis. The green tea is also effective against the harmful effects of free radicals. Its strong antioxidant effect protects the skin against premature ageing. Vitamin E, called the vitamin of youth, delays the ageing process of the skin. Preparations that contain the best ingredients for the spring skin care, are recommended to use overnight when the processes of cellular reconstruction proceed most intensively. A good example is a serum with a nutritional and repair effect based on propolis, which will reduce microdamage of the epidermis and regenerate the skin.

Step 2. For moisturizing, use:

  • aloe vera,
  • birch juice.

Moisturizers contained in cosmetics are designed to maintain moisture in the epidermis. For this purpose, they bind them with lipids, which then creates a protective coating on the surface of the epidermis. If we do not take care of proper skin hydration, the aforementioned cleansing treatment will not bring satisfactory results due to the skin losing its colour and its keratosis. Cosmetics containing the best ingredients for the spring skin care will complete the shortage of hydration, accelerate natural regeneration processes, increase skin elasticity and provide long-term moisture reserves. Such properties are primarily delivered by aloe vera and birch juice.

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