The Best Hat Hairstyles. How to Style Hair in Winter?

Are you into fancy hairdos? Testing new updos for long hair occupies your evenings? Surely, the winter isn’t the best time in this case. The necessity for wearing a hat doesn’t make you feel optimistic. What can you do to enjoy a non-stop perfect hairstyle despite the bothersome hats?

In winter, you should go for hairdos that let you avoid static and flat hair. You must be reasonable. We advise against giving up on hats, that’s for sure. Hair hates minus temps and moisture, therefore a hat is a must-have. How to condition and style hair in winter?

Care – the most important step

Hair needs special treatment on cold, winter days. It’s the time when we don’t need to be afraid of silicones because they create a protective layer on the hair surface. Silicones are often the only way for taming unruly and frizzy strands.

Hairdo – pick the best one

Wearing loose hair in winter isn’t such a good idea. Hair is extremely prone to the bad impact of external factors. If you feel you must let your hair down, you’d better hide it under the hat and warm scarf. You should know the best under-hat hairdos.

Low bun/ ponytail

Comfy hairdos near the neck are timeless and elegant. They are cut out for wearing together with a hat. A ponytail at the ear height or a messy bun above the neck is a perfect solution. They protect hair from wind, frost and rubbing. What’s more, they make us look better in a hat.

Regular braid

Messy or neat braids make a perfect choice for a romantic girl. Too bad they look the best in women with long hair (more possibilities). Braids go with the winter look. Fishtail, Dutch or French braids look truly spectacular coming out of the hat.

Half Curls

We’re usually afraid of the ‘hat hair’ that loses volume. Half-down waves solve the problem. The top will be covered with a hat whereas the lengths will look charming. Remember about the right protection before using a curler or flat iron.

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