The perfect face treatment: microdermabrasion and lactobionic acid

It is said that the results are visible after the first time. The treatment combines mechanical exfoliation of the epidermis and soothing action of medical substances. What are we talking about? It is the microdermabrasion and lactobionic acid. Will this perfect combo work for you?


Stage 1: microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is recommended for people who have a problem with blackheads, acne, enlarged skin pores, discolourations and the first signs of ageing. The advantages of this treatment include:

  • oxygenation and skin nourishment,
  • reducing the visibility of skin pores,
  • making wrinkles less visible and lightening of discolourations,
  • improvement in blood circulation,
  • stimulation of the skin to produce collagen,
  • reducing seborrhea,
  • cleansing the skin pores,
  • refreshing the complexion.

Stage 2: lactobionic acid

The next step of the treatment is to apply lactobionic acid to the skin. It has a gentle effect and is safe even for people with a sensitive complexion. The substance supports cell renewal, moisturizes the skin and strengthens the natural protective barrier of the skin. The action of lactobionic acid is based on:

  • lightening and reducing erythema,
  • protection from UV rays,
  • strengthening blood vessels,
  • skin firming and increased collagen production,
  • binding water in the epidermis and creating a protective layer on the skin,
  • softening and smoothing the epidermis.

Stage 3: lactobionic mask

The last phase of the procedure is the application of the lactobionic mask after washing off the acid. Its task is to maintain and intensify the effects of the treatment. To obtain satisfactory results, it is best to do three to five treatments repeated every two or three weeks.

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