The perfect foundation – how to choose it?

The choice of a perfect foundation for your skin type is particularly difficult. It’s a task that we spend a lot of time on. In order for it to be the correct choice, it needs to fulfill many conditions. Depending on the type of skin and its condition, the foundation will have different texture and properties.

The foundation as an essential cosmetic

Why? It is the base for the entire make-up. However, you need to know what it is used for. If you use a foundation to improve skin structure, it is a huge mistake because it is the one thing that it cannot help us with. It won’t camouflage the widen pores and won’t fill the wrinkles. However, it can even out the skin complexion so the skin will look fresh and glowing. It conceals imperfections but only when it comes to their pigmentation. The correctly applied foundation shouldn’t be obvious nor should you feel it on your face.

Why does the foundation look bad?

There are several reasons why the foundation looks poorly on the face. It usually happens when it’s incorrectly chosen for the type and needs of the skin. It can also react badly at the contact with another cosmetic, e.g. cream or make-up base. It is often applied incorrectly, for example, when it is smeared instead of tapped in. It is then unevenly applied and it looks poorly. It also sometimes happens that the foundation just doesn’t match the skin.

The foundation features

Physical properties and the color of the foundation are the most important when you want to choose the best one. It needs to go along with the skin needs, for example, moisturize the skin during the day. It is also important that it provides the desired effect. The foundation must match your skin color with exceptional precision. Our face cannot differ in color from the rest of the body.

What type of foundation should you choose?

There are many types and forms of the foundation. It can be in a stick, mousse, liquid. However, there are also BB and CC creams. The properties of the product are impacted by its texture. Most of all, it should match your preferences.

  • Powder mineral foundation has a simple composition. It indicates intense conditioning properties and doesn’t weigh the skin. The greatest flaw of this product is that it is hard to get. It is rarely available at the drugstore. It is recommended for all skin types, except for extremely dry and oily skin. There usually are no preservatives or clogging substances used in this product so it is suitable for allergy and irritation prone skin. It is easy to regulate the coverage level depending on how many layers of the product you will use.
  • Mousse foundation is perfect if you have a combination or oily skin. It is exceptionally easy in application. It is like a gentle foam so it is really smooth to distribute on the face and even out the skin complexion.
  • Stick foundation looks good only when used with moderation because it can have a heavy and high-coverage formula.
  • Liquid foundation is the most popular and the easiest in use so is available in every drugstore. Thanks to the wide spectrum of properties in the foundation, you can find a product for every skin type.
  • There are also BB and CC cream. Those are very popular but are still just a cream, not the foundation. The task of those products is to moisturize and even out the skin color. If you need a subtle effect, then it will be a perfect choice for you.

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