Ultra Moisturizing treatment with Urea by Ziaja Med

The latest product line launched by Ziaja Med has recently appeared in drugstores. Ultra Moisturizing treatment is composed of urea-based preparations that have been developed by the brand in cooperation with the best specialists dealing with skin problems. Ziaja Med treatment offers a medical approach to skin dysfunctions, but that’s not all. It also moisturizes and smoothes all skin layers as well as rebuilds damaged protective lipid barrier of skin.


This series of smoothing and moisturizing preparations based on urea is a set of several preparations that aim at conditioning specific parts of the body. Basically, Ultra Moisturizing Ziaja Med treatment includes: body lotion, day and night face skin emulsion, hand cream and foot cream.

Ziaja Med, Ultra Moisturizing treatment, Regenerative and Moisturizing Face Cream with Smoothing Effect
Creamy, well-concentrated face formula for active regeneration of the protective barrier of the skin. The 15% content of urea protects against water loss, and thus provides long-lasting and deep hydration. The formula of Ziaja Med supplies skin with missing lipids, strengthens and firms it. It can be said that this emulsion for the face with urea content is a therapeutic compress dealing with all the symptoms that dry skin displays.

Ziaja Med, Ultra Moisturizing treatment, Regenerating, Moisturizing and Smoothing Body Emulsion
The rich formula of the body balm Ziaja Med is the answer to all problems of dry skin. In short, it gives the effect of deep hydration which is really easy to sense. Body emulsion soothes skin irritations, facilitates combating itching, reduces dryness and prevents excessive scaliness. Regenerating, Moisturizing and Smoothing Body Emulsion with urea acts as a compress for chapped skin.

Ziaja Med, Ultra Moisturizing treatment, Intensive Regenerating Cream For Hands
Another product offered by Ziaja Med is a cream for sensitive skin of the hands; it provides immediate relief to damaged dermis. Concentrated compress with natural urea effectively regenerates the protective barrier of the skin, deeply moisturizes and softens the skin. Ziaja Med hand cream is the best protection and regeneration for dry, rough and chapped hands.

Ziaja Med, Ultra Moisturizing treatment, Regenerating Moisturizing Foot Cream For Calloused Skin
Ultra Moisturizing foot cream is the answer to the problem of dry foot skin featuring cracked heels. It regenerates rough skin by eliminating cracks, moisturizes even the deepest parts of the skin and softens the feet visibly. Ziaja Med foot cream relieves discomfort and skin irritation of the feet.

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