Useful beauty gadgets – make-up & care

Useful beauty gadgets – make-up & care

Every woman in her make-up back has a few make-up and care gadgets. They help in everyday care and speeds up make-up. Which beauty gadgets do you use and what new accessories you might need?

Cat line

This product resembles a black cat. This gadget is used to draw eye lines on the eyelids and line the waterline. How to use the cat line? Hold the stencil firmly against your eyelid and draw the line following the contours set by the cat’s back. The gadget is small, so you can take it to your work in case you need some touch-ups.

Hair brush cleaner

It is a small brush used to remove hair and product buildup from the brushes. It should be used with brushes with air cushions and rounded or balled tips. It resembles a small rake and can be bought in any drugstore. Cleaning the brushes and combs is extremely important in the hygiene of scalp and hair.


It is a small brush cleaning gadget. It has knobs on the top, thanks to which you can effectively remove dirt from your make-up products. You can use brushegg with soap, shampoo or make-up remover. How to use it? Wet your brushes, apply the make-up remover and then gently swirl the brush around the groves. After a few seconds your brushes are clean and should be left to dry.

Jade rollers

They are used both in salons and at homes. They are used to massage the face, reduce wrinkles and improve blood circulation. A good idea is to use some creams or oils that will provide the skin with nutritional ingredients.

Makeup remover glove

It is a good gadget for people who are not very fond of the traditional form of removing make-up. The glove is made of a soft material that does not irritate the skin, spread cosmetics well and effectively removes dirt and make-up. It is advisable to use a face cleansing agent that suits the type of your skin.

Eyebrow stencil

This is a very practical and easy to use gadget. It should match the shape of your face and eye in the first place. The stencil should be held against the eyebrow to draw the right contour. The hairs that are outside the lines should be plucked. In general, the most important is the choice of the stencil – it should reflect the desired final effect.

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