Creams from A to Z. What is the difference between AA, BB, CC, DD and EE creams?

Seemingly simple task — choosing face cream — may turn out to be quite a challenge. Insofar, BB creams are not that new to us, not many of you know what is the difference between the CC and DD, AA and EE creams. How to choose the right cream for your skin?

Recently, appeared a lot of products labelled with double letters of the alphabet. Certainly, the difference is their names does not come from just anywhere, but most women have no idea what it means. We think that all of them make skin complexion even and that they are a great replacement for the summer. However, the AA, BB, CC, DD and EE creams have an entirely different use. For whom are these best? What is the difference between them?

AA Cream [Anti-Aging]

Deeply hydrating and flattening minor wrinkles cosmetics. It is free of pigment and is dedicated for mature skin. It is a very rare name, so is more common to see simply anti-age cosmetics.

BB Creams [Beauty Balm]

Combine moisturising properties of cream and a foundation. It allows concealing minor skin imperfections and even the colour while hydrating skin thanks to hyaluronic acid or vitamin C. It is recommended for all the skin types, also for the teenagers and people with sensitive skin.

CC Cream [Color Control]

Cosmetics dedicated for camouflaging imperfections. It combines three cosmetics: moisturising cream, foundation and concealer. It has a mild formula and is even lighter than the previously discussed creams while containing more pigment. Additionally, you have here protective filters. It is recommended to reduce skin redness of couperose, acne prone or suffering from discolouration skin.

DD Cream [Daily Defense]

A mixture of all the above enriched with anti-age and highlighting components. It also contains a protective filter and is recommended for the special tasks. It replaces the foundation, hydrating cream and ant-age cosmetic, therefore the recommendation mostly for mature skin.

EE Cream [Extra Exfoliating]

Proposition focused more on conditioning than beautifying. Most of all, it conditions and mattifies skin, only then there is coverage. The creams of this sort are frequently enriched with bamboo powder or marine algae extract. It is a great solution for people with combination skin who require subtle coverage combined with skin care.

Did you know that?

Soon enough are going to appear another two cream names: FF for moisturising and intense anti-age action, but also GG which is bronze providing cream for face.

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