HOT STUFF: Adaptogens. The List of the Finest Plant-Based Substances To Improve Your Look

Despite having many health benefits, adaptogens and their great powers seem to be somehow underrated, especially when it comes to their application in cosmetics. Those who know what adaptogens are use these natural substances as a replacement for common medicines and food supplements. Why so? Because adaptogens are proven to have numerous positive effects on the human body: they can help you stay healthy and maintain various body functions.

Apart from being a potent 100% natural drug, adaptogens are also surprisingly good at improving skin and hair. Do you know what herbs belong to the group of adaptogens? Learn their benefits and start looking for them in various beauty products.

What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are substances obtained from exceptional plants and herbs. Just few are proven to have such a profound effect on the human body. What is so incredible about them? For example, adaptogens reduce stress both the emotional and oxidative (which occurs on the cellular level). They work almost like the elixirs of youth and health. To sum up, adaptogens help you eliminate the adverse effects that numerous external aggressors have on your body, making them (the plant-based substances of course) essential for regulating your internal environment, better known as homeostasis.

The list of the finest adaptogens

1. Ashwagandha, aka Indian ginseng

Ashwagandha is called Indian ginseng, poison gooseberry or winter cherry and its health benefits are recognized worldwide, yet it can be found in Ayurveda – the medicine and philosophy of the East – the most often. The fruit and root of the plant are the most important parts, which are the sources of the ingredients used as key constituents of facial tonics dealing with skin repair. Indian ginseng is an antioxidant and helps skin perform its self-healing processes faster and in a more effective way. Another significant feature of ashwagandha is that it helps those who have problems with falling asleep, which makes it a valuable constituent of night face creams.

2. Maral root

An aphrodisiac known for centuries only in some parts of the word. Maral root increases libido, speeds up metabolic rate, supports strength building (muscle mass) and increases efficiency during exercising. Besides all of these, maral root is also one of the marvelous natural cosmetic constituents. What does it do? For example, it evens out skin tone, refines skin’s texture, ensures that each skin cell is supplied with blood and stimulates quicker cell renewal. All these positive effects wouldn’t be possible if maral root wasn’t full of well-absorbed vitamin C, essential oils, alkaloids and catechins. As you can see, maral root is a rich source of substances perfectly able to improve skin appearance.

3. Rhodiola rosea

Irreplaceable for treating sensitive and hyper-reactive skin. It’s gentle on the skin being at the same time a deeply repairing substance able to combat various skin allergies. Rhodiola rosea helps skin function properly, leaves it smooth and cleansed. Being known as a potent antioxidant, rhodiola rosea slows down ageing and acts as a shield to protect the skin from the negative impact of unfavorable weather conditions.

4. Maca, aka Peruvian ginseng

An aphrodisiac offering a wide range of health benefits. It contains: carbohydrates, fiber, easily digestible amino acids, B vitamins, numerous minerals, tannins, saponins, fatty and organic acids, anthocyanins, alkaloids, prostaglandins, flavonoids, steroids and glucosinolates. Maca is a strong antioxidant that many mature skin owners will surely fall in love with. The root of Peruvian ginseng can be found in best face creams designed for treating skin in its 40s, 50s and older. In general, maca is a very feminie ingredients because it’s able to boost libido in ladies, aids in building muscle mass and promotes hair growth.

5. Gotu kola, aka Indian pennywort

Apart from being able to improve concentration and memory, this aphrodisiac is also recognized as a wonderful natural cosmetic. It works for dry and normal skin types best. Gotu kola stimulates collagen and elastin production in skin, which are two structural proteins responsible for keeping skin young (e.g. prevent sagging). Indian pennywort is also proven to speed up tissue healing, no matter if the skin was damaged due to a surgical procedure, hot water (scalds), hot temperature (sunburn) and pregnancy (stretch marks). On top of that, Gotu kola is good at dealing with acne, prevents its relapse and brightens post-acne marks.

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