Stunning Eyebrows? Meet Nanobrow – The Best Eyebrow Serum Recommended by Bloggers

What do Frida Kahlo, Dua Lipa and Kardashian sisters have in common?

If you thought about their makeup – and to be more precise, about their eyebrows – then you’re right. All of them know how important it is to have stunning, bold and flawlessly looking eyebrows. Skinny brows don’t only make us look less attractive but also – as reported – are the reason why some people might find it difficult to trust us. How come? It’s proven that when looking at a face featuring thin, barely-there eyebrows, we unconsciously assume that the person has low self-esteem and is fast to change their opinion on various subjects. Therefore, if you want to be perceived as an attractive and self-confident woman, it’s time to grow thick and bold eyebrows. How to do it? The easiest and the fastest way to do so is regular use of an eyebrow serum. Obviously, a good one which ingredients are well-selected. Luckily, not only do we know such an eyelash serum but also we share the bloggers’ ravishment concerning this product, which is Nanobrow eyebrow serum. Why is it the best one?

nanobrow eyebrow serum

Thick and full-looking eyebrows – Secret of feminine look

Undoubtedly, thick and full-looking eyebrows are one of current beauty trends prevailing worldwide that has been on for a few seasons now. And there is nothing surprising about that since thick eyebrows look prettier, they take years off of us, help distract attention from blemishes that the face might have, enhance eyes as well as make us look as strong-minded and self-confident people. Obviously, you don’t have to get Frida-like bushy eyebrows. Instead, you can go for more natural, subtly enhanced eyebrows that boost this feminine look you want to have. No wonder why all bloggers, vloggers and celebrities have started growing their eyebrows.

Castor oil for eyebrows? It’s a waste of time!

It’s been a few decades now since castor oil has been continually cropping up in discussions revolving around the subject of eyebrow care, how to grow the hair fast and how to make it thicker. Nowadays, many of us are already aware of the castor oil’s potential. Despite being a good hair conditioner, castor oil is reluctant to produce the same effects on eyebrows. Sometimes there even no effects at all, just a wasted time. Reportedly many women don’t want to wait long to get the dream eyebrows especially after realizing that the time devoted to waiting doesn’t correspond to the achieved results. What can work fast and effectively if not castor oil?

Nanobrow eyebrow serum: The best eyebrow treatment. Effects and comments

Nanobrow eyebrow serum has become almost an iconic product recognized by women and men worldwide. It’s highly effective and the results are delivered really fast. Also, this eyebrow serum leaves the hair nourished and significantly stronger. It’s also worth mentioning that brows aren’t the only face parts that the product takes care of. It appears that the skin where eyebrows grow from is also positively affected by the cosmetic. As a result, once the skin condition improves, eyebrow makeup lasts longer.

Nanobrow equals stunning eyebrows achieved in a flash. This product contains a set of conditioning substances allowing to quickly regenerate even incredibly thin and sparse brow hair. According to bloggers’ reviews, baby eyebrows start growing within 3 weeks of regular Nanobrow application. Depending on the state of follicles, Nanobrow treatment might become surprisingly short. Many girls report enjoying new, thicker and darker eyebrows after just a month of Nanobrow use.

Owning to delivering the 4-step action, Nanobrow is an effective eyebrow treatment because it:

  1. reinforces hair from the inside (fixes inner hair damage).
  2. shields brow hairs from the outside (protects against damage and makes them darker).
  3. regenerates and stimulates follicles (accelerates eyebrow growth, slows down their excessive falling out, thickens brows).
  4. takes care of eyebrow skin (makes the brows better-rooted).

Nanobrow eyebrow serum: Composition

Perfect composition is a quality that doesn’t only determine how prestigious a beauty product is but also decides about its effectiveness. In this field Nanobrow serum is one of the finest. Eyebrow care is fostered by an entire group of high-class ingredients which considerably influence brow health state and beauty. Here is how impressive Nanobrow composition is:

  • Soy germ extract – stimulates brow growth, prevents hair loss and ageing, reinforces follicles. Also, this extract is responsible for moisturizing and lubricating the brows to leave them glossy.
  • Wheat germ extract – displays deeply regenerating properties. It nourishes, smooths out and makes each and every brow hair both soft and elastic. It maintains adequate level of hydration, too.
  • Baikal skullcap extract (baicalein) – contains flavonoids that can’t be found in any other plant; they slow down ageing processes. Undoubtedly, this is a valuable constituent of beauty products since it does have the power to extend the lifespan of cells. Apart from that, baicalein is able to create a protective shield around hair (natural UV filter).
  • Arginine (amino acid of natural origin) – has a direct impact on hair bulbs, stimulates collagen synthesis, encourages eyebrow follicles to work more intensively and significantly improves the appearance of eyebrows.
  • Ginseng extract – its root contains among others vitamin A, B1, B3, C, calcium, copper, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, iron, magnesium, sodium, sulfur and molybdenum. In general, ginseng root offers over 200 substances that actively boost eyebrows.
  • Pro-vitamin of B5 – makes a perfect hair and eyebrow conditioner. It’s able to improve the state of eyebrows, intensifies elasticity and shine. Also, this substance prevents hair color from fading.
  • Natural glycol (propylene) – intensively replenishes eyebrows with water which is why even considerably dehydrated brow hairs regain moisture and elasticity.

Nanobrow eyebrow serum. Benefits

  • accelerates the growth of eyebrows
  • counteracts excessive brow hair loss
  • thickens brow ridge
  • strengthens follicles
  • delivers prompt effects
  • nourishes eyebrows
  • helps to reshape brows
  • extends lifespan of eyebrow makeup
  • darkens eyebrows
  • affects even severely damaged and thin eyebrows
  • is efficient
  • penetrates skin fast
  • offers a good value for money ratio

Nanobrow eyebrow serum: Directions for use

This eyebrow serum is incredibly easy to use. Its application is convenient and fast: once a day, best if done at bedtime, after precise makeup removal – only then should you apply Nanobrow to brow ridge.

A specially designed sponge applicator – similar to the lip gloss applicator – eases spreading the serum on eyebrows. Nanobrow is surprisingly fast when it comes to being absorbed by skin and brow hairs. It protects and regenerates thew hair, promotes its accelerated growth and helps fix the over plucked brows. Moreover, this brow enhancing serum aids all the people who lost their eyebrows due to disease, stress or medications in restoring their old look. In no time is Nanobrow able to regenerate too thin and weak eyebrows.

Undoubtedly, Nanobrow is the finest eyebrow serum. Such a huge number of satisfied bloggers, vloggers and celebrities can’t be wrong. Nanobrow is a groundbreaking product that was created owing to the knowledge and experience in the field of eyebrow care. With the help of Nanobrow eyebrow serum, you will be able to, once and for all, say goodbye to thin and barely noticeable eyebrows.

20 Comments “Stunning Eyebrows? Meet Nanobrow – The Best Eyebrow Serum Recommended by Bloggers”

  1. Honey

    My brows are sparse, ugly… all my hope in this serum, I’m super curious about opinions of girls who used Nanobrow, I hope it’s worth it!

  2. Veronica

    Ingredients are impressive!

  3. josie

    what does it mean that it provides better shape, I get that is makes eyebrows fuller and then it’s easier to shape them, right

  4. Maya Ca

    That’s true, I saw on numerous blogs all good reviews about this serum.

  5. Ariel

    I will tell something from my experience. It works fast and that’s true because the second week I noticed new hairs. It is super easy to apply beacsue you don’t have to make so many strokes. Well, it also has amazing ingredients. For me Nanobrow is 10/10

  6. Candy

    Castor oil is good for hair or make-up removal but not for brows or lashes!

  7. Emilly

    Works after 3 weeks?! WOW!

    • quest

      Emilly, i waited 5 weeks but it’s probably because I had like really damaged eyebrows.

  8. beautician

    Great composition. Encouraging! 🙂

  9. cassie

    I have to grow my eyebrows in a month for my sister’s wedding. Do you think that this serum is that effective?

  10. alisson_98

    AMAZING! never expected it to work so great on my eyebrows. After 6 weeks of treatment there are no gaps in my brows and they are darker <3

  11. pepper

    I love Dua Lipa’s eyebrows, i’d love to have eyeborws like that. I obviously already ordered it!

  12. Kate

    You tempt me with those comments, but the price is not encouraging :/

  13. Alex B

    my eyebrows are fair and sparse, I used so many serums and oils and only little improvement 🙁

  14. Joan

    Castor oil, petroleum jelly, argan oil, vitamin cream, vitamin E in drops… none worked. But Nanobrow worked so I can endorse it heartily.

  15. Alicia

    i’m lucky cause my eyebrows are thick, have great shape and dark color without a serum, But I now know what to show to my friends when they complain over their eyebrows 😉

  16. White

    After 2 weeks of Nanobrow use I can see the effects. Superb serum and I can recommend it to everyone as the best one I ever had and will surely get another one.

  17. Poppy

    What an amazing composition in this eyebrow serum!

  18. Dominique

    It is yet another great opinion about Nanobrow that I came across! there must be something to it 😉

  19. rejuvenated

    Great product with great action: Nanobrow makes eyebrows stronger, fuller and darkens the,, fills the gaps and help brows to grow back. The best I ever had! <3


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