Argan oil for hair – pure vs. ingredient.

When deciding about hair care with the use of valuable properties of natural oils, we are facing a dilemma – whether to buy cosmeics based on argan oil or purchase a pure oil. The following comparison should help you to make the best decision accordingly to your needs.


  1. When buying pure Argan oil we can be sure that we are dealing with 100% oil from the nuts of the argan tree, and not just the trace amounts added somewhere at the end of the composition.
  2. Natural argan oil provides flexibility of application. We can apply it directly on hair, however, it might as well work as an addition to cosmetics, for example shampoo, conditioners, masks.
  3. Choosing argan oil in its pure form we use fully nutritional properties that are not overshadowed by the intensity of other ingredients.
  4. Natural argan oil is obtained from the argan tree growing in the regions of Morocco. Therefore, it provides protection for hair and skin.
  5. Oil in pure form can be used in a variety of ways – not only on hair (or selected parts thereof), but also on the whole body. What is more, it can replace body lotion, moisturising face cream and many more.
  • It is quite expensive.
  • Easy to buy fake.



1. The biggest advantage of argan oil as a component of other cosmetics is mainly its price. It is much cheaper especially considering the fact that it is an addition to many other substances.

2. Hair conditioner with the addition of argan oil offers (in addition to the Moroccan liquid gold properties) the properties of other ingredients that enrich the product.

3. Products containing Argan oil have clearly defined tasks, for example to add volume to thin hair or eliminate dandruff.

  • It has only one purpose,
  • It can be applied only on hair,
  • Has one particular way of application,
  • Other ingredients can interfere with the action of argan oil,
  • Argan oil can only appear as a supplement in trace amounts.

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