“Good Hair Day” Every Day? With These Remedies It Is Possible!

You wake up and your hair is out of control. Does that sound familiar? A “bad hair day” definitely spoils the good mood. How not to experience this problem ever again? See the best ways to nourish, strengthen and smooth the hair so it looks fabulous anytime.

Many women complain about bothersome everyday styling. We all dream of gorgeous hairdos – smooth and strong – that need no styling but we don’t know how to achieve that. So, let’s learn some ways to wake up with lovely hair and have a “good hair day” every single day. You should incorporate them into your daily routine so you can remove “bad hair day” from your dictionary. We share some simple methods worth trying and remembering.

Why is hair unruly?

Before we run through the best remedies for “bad hair day”, we need to say what causes unmanageable hair. Unruly strands don’t mean you always had them or you’ll never make them better. Most hair problems result from:

  • lack of optimal hydration and moisture.
  • lack of effective protection against damage.
  • high porosity and coarseness.
  • splitting and frizz.
  • unsuitable haircare products.

How to banish a “bad hair day” for good?

You need to start with basic things if you want to replace “bad hair day” with “good hair day”. Keep your hair moisturized using effective products (humectant masks and conditioners) and drinking optimal amounts of water. You also need to protect the hair against the sunlight (hair oils are useful) and mechanical injuries (tie it with a soft scrunchie to sleep). Nourishing, strengthening and repairing the hair is essential too. Only healthy hair looks good. The key thing: split ends cannot be repaired so trimming is a must.

The best ways to make hair look its best

What exactly should you put in your hair to tame the frizz? Just any shampoo or conditioner isn’t enough. A holistic approach is welcome. It’s good to try some other remedies too.

1. Castor oil + argan oil

We guess this duo doesn’t need an intro. Argan oil is the best known beauty oil. It is a natural heat protectant and a repairing ingredient which works wonders on weak hair. Castor oil, on the other hand, is perfect for scalp care because it strengthens hair bulbs, enhances hair growth process, and gives fantastic gloss. The combination of the oils gives you a brilliant hair-reviving duo. Rub castor oil into the scalp and apply argan oil to hair before washing.

2. Flax seed gel

Flax seed gel is another home remedy giving you better hair that looks stunning. This substance has a strong moisturizing effect and you can do it yourself. Pour water (slightly warm is fine) over 2-3 spoons of flax seeds and wait until slick gel is formed. Use it on hair and scalp or add it to homemade masks and treatments. This is a very budget and excellent way to moisturize the hair.

3. Silk-rich hair products

Silk proteins are second to none. Products rich in silk are the best to remedy unruly strands because they instantly make hair smoother and shinier, plus they have a repairing effect. Women love them for rapid effect and turning coarse hair into soft, silky-smooth tresses. Silk is the best choice to fight static, frizz and typical “bad hair day”. Use its liquid form infused into a mask, conditioner and shampoo.

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