Cosmetics procedure of numerous properties. What’s eyelash lamination?

Eyelash lamination, also known as keratin lift lash, is a cosmetics procedure aiming at nourishing, darkening and curling eyelashes. Despite natural effects, it significantly enhances one’s look. What’s eyelash lamination like and how does the procedure look like? What are the effects, who should get it done and what’s the cost? How to take care of laminated eyelashes?

What’s eyelash lamination like and how is the procedure carried out?

Eyelash lamination is a cosmetics procedure comprising of four stages, each lasting 15 minutes. All the preparations that are applied to eyelashes require time to get dry, therefore the entire procedure lasts 60-90 minutes in total.

The first stage’s aim is to get the lashes ready for the procedure. Firstly, a technician degreases eyelashes and applies a cotton pad to the lower eyelid, which in fact plays a dual role. Firstly, it prevents clumpy lashes and secondly it shields eye skin area against preparations used during the procedure.

The second stage’s aim is to apply a nourishing preparations to lashes. At the beginning, a technician puts a silicone roller on upper eyelid (it resembles a regular hair roller) to wrap upper eyelashes on it. Then, she covers them with a special nourishing preparation. The very substance strengthens eyelashes and makes them look thicker. Additionally, dark pigment is better tolerated by lashes after being exposed to the very preparation.

The third stage is about dyeing lashes. Once the nourishing preparation gets absorbed by eyelashes, a technician applies a special black or brown dye.

The fourth and last stage aims at fixing the effect obtained due to the preparations and dye that have been applied to the eyelashes. To do this, the technician applies keratin.

Eyelash lamination – Effects

The effects of the procedure last a month, sometimes they are visible for two months, and this depends on individual predispositions. Basically, eyelash lamination procedure doesn’t trigger any side effects like allergy or irritation. The only exception is allergy to preparations used during the procedure.

Laminated eyelashes are really natural-looking and woman who exposed their lashes to the procedure don’t report experiencing any discomfort.

The effects of the cosmetics procedure aren’t as spectacular as after eyelash styling. In the case of short and thin eyelashes, it’s still recommended to use a mascara, especially before some special occasion.

How to take care of laminated eyelashes?

The truth is, eyelashes that underwent lamination procedure don’t require any special attention. The most important though is not to dampen lashes for 24 hours. What’s crucial, laminated eyelashes can be coated with a mascara, as the mascara can be safely removed from them afterwards. Also, visiting a swimming pool, bathing in salty water as well as exposing lashes to the sun and sauna aren’t forbidden.

At the very beginning, eyelashes will be rough and clumpy because the last stage of the procedure depends on treating eyelashes with nourishing oils. The oils needs approximately 24 hours to get fully absorbed. And this is when the lashes become thicker and lifted up.

Eyelash lamination – Who can benefit from the procedure?

Eyelash lamination is dedicated to woman who either don’t want to or can’t expose their lashes to procedures like eyelash extensions or eyelash styling, especially when their natural eyelashes are super thin and straight. Owing to eyelash lamination, the hair are gently lifted up, thickened, curled and darkened. Also, this cosmetics procedure reinforces eyelashes and makes them enhanced.

Eyelash lamination – Cost

The cost of the procedure is rather high when taking into consideration short lifespan of the effects. In general, eyelash lamination is three times more expensive than eyelash perm.

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