Facts and myths about natural cosmetics. Uncover the truth!

Natural beauty products have become incredibly popular lately. This means one thing: we’re no longer indifferent to what we apply to our faces. Our consciousness has risen and we’re eager to analyse list of ingredients to look for potentially harmful substances. At the same time, it happens that when a beauty product is labelled as ‘natural’ or ‘inspired by nature’, we automatically throw it into our baskets…

We care for applying natural products, we believe in their power. Recently, the trend toward ‘slow life’ has been on… but do you really know what cosmetics you apply?

Natural cosmetics, what’re they?

To make sure that the beauty product you want to buy is natural, read the labels and look for certificates that prove the cosmetic’s quality and naturalness. The criteria of natural and organic products certification are provided by certifying organizations like NaTrue, COSMOS and Vegan Society. Currently, this is the only reliable direction to follow in the event of this messed-up issue concerning legal aspect and the precise definition of what a natural cosmetic is. Unfortunately, still many beauty products might feature ‘eco’ or ‘natural’ inscription on their packaging, which in most cases might appear to be deceptive. This in turn entails some dangerous situations because many producers commit a fraud by launching a cosmetic that has nothing in common with nature apart from the design.

Thus, have in mind that natural cosmetics:

  • are produced from plants and minerals, which are materials that occur naturally
  • are based on either herbal or plant extracts and natural oils that come from ecological farms
  • substances used to produce natural beauty products are obtained due to microbiological, enzymatic or physical methods, not mechanical
  • don’t contain synthetic substances, colorants, preservatives, parabens and fragrances
  • are made of biodegradable ingredients that aren’t destructive for the environment

Natural beauty products – The most popular myths

1. They never trigger allergic reactions because they’re natural – MYTH

Cosmetics entirely made from natural substances might cause allergies! It’s due to the pure herbal extracts which are frequently added to natural cosmetics; our organism might recognize them as potentially dangerous substances (allergens). Therefore, application of natural substances by people with sensitive and irritation-prone skin may not guarantee improvement in the state of skin. For that reason, always run a patch test before using a natural product for the first time. Give the natural preparations some time and let the active substances work. It’s important to realize that the less substances a particular cosmetics features, the lower the risk of irritation or allergy.

2. They spoil fast – MYTH

It’s obvious that a cosmetic must undergo preservation process to extend its lifespan. Also, there are some substances added to cosmetics that prevent the beauty product from spoiling. In most cases, these are synthetic substances. For that reason many people agree that natural products – free from synthetic substances – are fast to lose their properties. Nevertheless, in the case of natural cosmetics there are special, gentle preservatives included into composition. One of them is vitamin E that is found one of the best natural preservatives. Thanks to this, natural cosmetics are more skin-friendly, and their expiration day is put off – they can be used even for 2-3 years.

3. Natural cosmetics are expensive – MYTH

First and foremost, they are definitely more efficient than products filled with synthetic substances. They serve long and their price reflects their quality – we don’t pay for advertisements and promotional campaigns of a particular product. Moreover, production of natural cosmetics is conducted in a small scale, which also increases their price.

4. They produce immediate effects – MYTH

Natural cosmetics require patience, regularity of use and… time. It works like that because such products facilitate and encourage skin’s physiological functions such as collagen rebuild process, but they don’t interfere with the natural rhythm of body self-regenerating processes. For that reason, regeneration and improvement of skin condition takes longer. In other words, natural cosmetics work slower but at the same time better – all the reactions they trigger play in tune with the natural processes of our body.

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