What is slugging?

Slugging is a beauty trend that involves putting a face mask of moisturising cream and Vaseline for the whole night. The mask is supposed to smooth and firm the skin. What exactly slugging is and how to do it?

What is slugging and how to do it?

Slugging is the process of smothering the face with Vaseline and moisturising cream. Beforehand, the face should be carefully cleansed with a toner. Then a moisturising cream is applied and a thick layer of Vaseline follows. This kind of mask will perfectly moisturise your skin throughout the night, making it extremely soft and beautiful in the morning. Slugging should always be done at bedtime to give the skin several hours to use the nutrients to regenerate. Before you go to sleep, put a towel on the pillow to protect it from greasy stains.

Slugging – action

Vaseline is used in slugging because it is occlusive. This means that it creates a layer on the skin which prevents loss of water and, as a result, moisturizes it.

Who should try slugging?

Slugging is appropriate for almost all women. A contradiction is acne, because petroleum jelly clogs pores. Also, it is not recommended for the owners of greasy skin. People with normal skin should try the method that is strongly recommended by celebrities. It is very effective in the case of dry skin.

Slugging – effects

Such overnight treatment quarantes fresh morning look. After waking up, all you need to do is carefully wash your face with a cotton pad with floral hydrolate, micellar water or a regular refreshing toner.

Slugging – opinions

Although slugging raises positive feelings, not everyone would recommend this method. Especially cosmetologists who believe that slugging is only effective in extreme conditions, for example during hiking. Why? Petroleum jelly lubricates and protects the skin from water loss, but it can also clog pores. Slugging is a great method to keep skin hydrated and moisturised during cold weather.

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