What should you know about hair colouring?

Many girls believe that hair colouring damages hair. Strands are dry, hair ends – split whereas the scalp can be irritated. Learn the most important things about this treatment before you change hair colour. Hair colouring won’t be so scary after your read the text.

hair-care.jpgHair colouring damages hair?

It depends. If you change the colour from black to blonde, you can damage your hair. Using hair dyes with high density of ammonia isn’t recommended. Your hair is also exposed to damage if you colour it too often. Obviously, you can deal with it in a simple way. Do you really have to change your hair colour every month? You can use special sprays to cover the roots; they also deal with grey hairs in no time. Use herbal products and hair rinses that lighten or darken the hair. Don’t change hair colour radically. Colouring fair hair for a slightly darker shade is the safest way.

Hair colouring irritates the scalp?

If you have sensitive and delicate scalp, a hair dye may trigger allergic reactions. Therefore, choose products which contain the lowest amount of ammonia and other drying substances. Also, remember to wash head thoroughly after the treatment. In this way, you will wash down the leftovers of the dye which would cause irritation. Use a mild shampoo that is suitable for the needs of your hair. If you like, you can do a moisturising and rebuilding treatment. Try out cosmetic oils, masks or conditioners. These natural cosmetics are going to help you.

Hair colouring and styling

It is said that you shouldn’t use heat styling if you have colour-treated hair. There’s a germ of truth in it. If your hair is already dry and damaged because of colouring – curling and straightening will only make it worse. Drying substances included in hair dyes weaken hair condition as much as the heat produced by a dryer or flat iron. Hair will get brittle, frizzy and prone to falling out. So what can you do? Use heat protection products with silicones prior to styling. They will surely make your hair look beautiful.

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