Easy Hack for Oil-Free, Super-Smooth Complexion: Try the Korean Jamsu!

Mattifying powder or blotting papers aren’t the only products you can use on oily skin. Korean women found a way to get matte and smooth skin without extra cosmetics. The mysterious jamsu is the secret.

We can learn a lot from Korean women as far as skin care goes. Just look at their flawless complexion looking healthy, lovely and young even in their late 30s.

This post tells you how to quickly mattify oily skin. Korean women prove that it’s possible even if your face oil goes out of control. All you need is a simple hack. Find out what jamsu is and why it’s worth picking up.

What is jamsu?

Jamsu is elaborately described on blogs devoted to Korean skin care and products from the Far East. It isn’t extremely popular yet but it surely has a chance to become a hit considering our interest in the Korean skin-care routine.

What is jamsu then? This is a shockingly easy way to improve the look without extra products and merely with water. It doesn’t mean using only water for a face wash – this would make the skin very dry. The jamsu technique involves submerging the face in cold water – focus now – AFTER APPLYING MAKE-UP.

What does jamsu involve exactly?

This beauty hack ideally fits in the Korean skin-care philosophy – it’s easy, all-natural and effective, which is confirmed by thousands of Korean women.

Jamsu concentrates on two things: making complexion smooth and oil-free. It is similar to blotting papers which absorb excess of oil and products as a finishing touch of your make-up. The difference is water gives a matte effect and beautifies in a slightly different way. Submerging the face in cold water for a few seconds gives you:

  • less noticeable blemishes.
  • skin that is not irritated or tight-feeling.
  • less visible blackheads.
  • nice feeling of relief.
  • silky skin and matte make-up finish.
  • lower risk of skin dryness.

The jamsu trick step by step

How to make use of jamsu? This may seem tricky at first but it isn’t! Won’t your make-up just run down? Will you get the desired oil-free face? Forget the doubts. Just give jamsu a shot.

  1. Get a bowl filled with cold water (you can add ice cubes).
  2. Apply make-up as you always do it.
  3. Apply a large amount of rice powder, it’s essential.
  4. Submerge the face for 10-30 seconds – the oilier your skin is, the longer you can keep it.
  5. Gently paper-towel-dry the face without rubbing!

Note! At first it looks like the powder and foundation are cakey but this effect fades quickly so don’t worry. Once water evaporates, your face will look smooth, perfectly matte and simply flawless.

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