FIVE tricks for stunning, flawless hair. What to use?

If you think there’s just one secret to looking beautiful, you’re wrong! You can take care of your hair using numerous ways. What’s worth doing then? Learn five must-know methods to amaze with a stunning hairdo. Boost your hair’s shine and volume!

Hair care is a bit like roulette – you never know if a product you choose is going to enhance your hair or just the opposite… Even more so because the needs of hair change when we age, plus they differ depending on season of the year.

Is there a way to always enjoy healthy, strong and glossy hair? More than one surely! Discover five tricks for beautiful hair – easy to carry out in daily hair care.


1. Wash hair gently as if you were washing your favorite cashmere sweater.

Some of you might think this comparison is too much but the truth is that hair needs to be treated gently, especially during a wash. Remember about a few simple rules.

Firstly, you need to answer a key question, namely, which shampoo is the best for you. It’s important that your product is natural and contains ingredients essential for hair in a given situation e.g. proteins when your hair is damaged.

A hair wash method is another key thing. We should do it as gently as possible to avoid breakage and hair loss. You need to apply a mild SLS/SLES-free shampoo to scalp and massage it for a few minutes. Rinse using lukewarm water. The lather that runs down is enough to remove dirt from the hair lengths.

2. Cleanse the scalp at least once a week e.g. by using a scalp scrub.

Styling products, sebum excess, toxins, pollution – all of the nasties build up on hair roots and cause e.g. dandruff, itchiness and even hair loss.

If we want to take care of hair in a serious way, we need to give it a deep cleansing from time to time. This kind of intensive scalp cleansing should be done once a week – it helps get rid of the biggest dirt that a mild shampoo fails to remove. At the same time, it shouldn’t damage the lipid layer or dry out hair/scalp.

What can you use to cleanse the scalp? A scalp exfoliant works best – either a scrub with abrasives or enzyme acid-based exfoliator.

3. Replace artificial, chemical-based products with natural oils and cosmetics containing simple ingredients.

You mustn’t forget about the right products because hair left as it is won’t show its full potential and gorgeous looks. Still, stop reaching for random products all over again and turn to natural cosmetics – they are based on plant extracts coming from nature (safe even for sensitive skin).

Definitely, natural vegetable oils are the most popular e.g. argan oil, lightweight almond oil or repairing avocado oil. Actually, hair oils are able to replace most products: conditioners, masks, scalp treatments, heat protectants and styling primers.

4. Never forget about protection from the sunlight, heat and damage.

Oils can be also used for protecting hair from heat, sun and free radicals that cause faster aging. Hair that isn’t protected loses moisture, color and shine more quickly. Less exposure to harmful factors is a way of keeping hair healthy.

5. Drink lots of water and eat a balanced diet because it does matter for your appearance.

The last trick for beautiful hair isn’t strictly connected with hair care. Few people realize that eating habits have the biggest impact on the appearance of hair and skin. Nutrients, vitamins, minerals and valuable fatty acids are the secret to their flawlessness.

Additionally, you should drink up to two liters of water every day. It might seem a lot but, believe me, the lack of hydration is one of the most common causes of hair breakage and dullness.

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