How and where to store cosmetics so that you can use them for a long time?

cosmetics.jpgHave you ever wondered why your favourite perfume do not smell as nice as they used to? And why does your foundation turned into colourful mush? It can be a result of incorrect cosmetic storage. See for yourself, how and where to keep your make-up and other cosmetics.

How should you store brushes?

Many women store their make-up brushes in standalone accessories containers, on the windowsill, dressing table or shelves. They do not even realise how big of mistake they make. Brushes’ bristle attracts dust, dust mites and other pollution from the house. What is more, in dirty accessories proliferate bacteria causing acne and skin irritations. This is why after every make-up you should disinfect brushes, keep them in special covers and right after use place them in a cosmetic bag.

Perfume lost their fragrance…

We can bet that you keep your perfume in the bathroom. Mistake! This way you expose it to high temperature, humidity and chemical compounds. Consequences? Perfume lose its fragrance, change colour, smell like alcohol. Similar negative effects has also keeping perfume on the dressing table. Light is harmful to those products. For this reason you should store them in a dark and dry place, best in the cabinet.

Plastic organisers

This is really popular gadget, used by many women to store their cosmetics. Sadly, organisers attract dust, cosmetic residues, dirt and other impurities with unfavourable impact on your cosmetics. What is more, in a hot days the temperature in such a plastic container increases. This can lead to your lipstick or concealer melting. All you need to do is store all your cosmetics in a drawer or in an open organisers.

Which cosmetics can be kept in the fridge?

In the fridge can be kept all natural cosmetics and semi finished products, which do not contain preservatives. Store there also cosmetics which are intended to clam, cool or moisturise. Therefore, the fridge is perfect place for eye creams, vitamin creams and ointments. Place there also products with short expiry dates.

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