Herbal DIY: Mist For Greasy Hair

One of the most common hair problems is scalp becoming greasy too fast. Together with dandruff and baldness, it’s one of the most troublesome afflictions that affects human scalp. Luckily enough, excessive sebum production can be limited. Home remedies that can deal with the problem effectively are really easy to apply. Learn what you can do to get this problem out off your head.

greasy-hair.jpgAlthough sebum production is a natural process, it forces us to wash hair regularly. The problem starts though, when hair gets greasy too fast and when our scalp produces too much of sebum. Reasons for this troublesome and a little bit embarrassing affliction are numerous. To demonstrate, hair may get greasy because of:

  • hormonal changes in the organism;
  • long-lasting problems with hair, such as dandruff;
  • genetic predispositions;
  • application of mismatching hair care products;
  • too rare and irregular hair wash.

It doesn’t matter if the excessive sebum production is a result of our fault, or whether it is our organism that functions poorly. It isn’t also important whether the problem touches the length of hair or just its roots – It has to be solved either way!

Bouncing-Bet Hair Mist

Effective way to conquer greasy hair is a homemade hair mist that contains all crucial ingredients hair carves. You will need roots of bouncing-bet. It’s a perennial plant grown in borders and home gardens because of its delicate flowers. Despite its decorative function, bouncing-bet is perfect to treat hair. It’s roots contain many saponins, carbohydrates, glycosides and mineral salts.

What Do You Need To Make Bouncing-Bet Hair Mist?

  • 1 spoon of bouncing-bet root (dry or fresh),
  • 1 glass of fresh water,
  • 30 drops of a preservative, such as FEOG (optionally).

How To Make Mist For Greasy Hair?

Cover root of bouncing-bet with water and boil on low heat for approximately a quarter of an hour. Next, put the infusion aside and let it cool down. Strain the cool mixture. If you want to make the hair mist serve you longer, you can add a preservative. Pour the hair mist into a bottle with atomiser.

How To Use Bouncing-Bet Hair Mist?

It’s best to spray scalp with the bouncing-bet hair mist right after washing hair and towelling it. It’s advised against covering length of hair with the preparation. Let it sit since bouncing-bet hair mist doesn’t have to be rinsed. Last but not least, avoid massaging the mist into scalp because this action might encourage scalp sebaceous glands to start working.

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