Let your skin breathe! 8 habits that clog the skin pores

Tiny black dots on your face, most common in the T-zone, difficult to remove and spoiling the appearance? They are known as blackheads! They appear as a consequence of clogged skin pores and lead to acne breakouts. Here are 8 habits that are likely to expose your skin pores to being clogged!

Human skin is made out of millions of tiny pores. Most of them are invisible yet they are all open, and play a key function, namely, let the skin breathe. The exchange of substances and the removal of toxins occurs through the pores.

However, if the skin is cleansed carelessly or we face up to excessive secretion of sebum, the pores will be eventually plugged. We spot this once the impurities oxidize, leaving ugly, black spots on skin.

Check if you are guilty of making any of top 8 mistakes causing clogged skin pores!


Mistake 1. Lack of makeup removal

The biggest crime against good looks? Not taking off makeup before sleep. The night is the time when skin repairs and rests. If there are makeup products on its surface, the skin cannot breathe whereas the outlets are blocked so removal of toxins is impossible. Products clog the pores, causing inflammation and the occurrence of blackheads and acne pimples. This mistreatment of skin means faster skin aging in the long run.

Mistake 2. Makeup at the gym

Makeup done the right way doesn’t cause damage provided that you don’t wear it while working out. The skin sweats when you exercise which is a natural cooling system, but it doesn’t make a good match with makeup. Some cosmetics clog the pores, holding sweat and bacteria inside. As a result, skin is irritated, has uneven color and breaks out easily. For the health of your skin, don’t wear too much on your face at the gym.

Mistake 3. Dirty bed sheets

Have you heard about the recommended once-a-week laundry? I know many people don’t care about it since their bed linen seems fresh after a few days. However… Believe it or not, a pillowcase is a source of bacteria because you leave dead skin cells, dirt, makeup products on it every day. Washing your bed sheets does matter!

Mistake 4. Touching the face

Another crimes against the skin involves touching the face in an uncontrolled way. Some people keep getting hair off their face, scratching the skin or simply stroking the skin. If you are one of them, let me remind you that our hands attract and gather hundreds or thousands of various bacteria from handles, handrails, faucet or cash (the dirtiest thing in the world). All nasties are moved onto skin causing acne breakouts.

Mistake 5. Popping

Vicious circle… Another popular mistake we make when trying to clear face of blackheads: we simply pop them thinking it’s the best remedy. In reality, it’s an own goal because we intensify inflammation and irritation, plus transfer most bacteria from our hands to the skin. Nothing good can come from this.

Mistake 6. Smoking cigarettes

In a cigarette smoke there are numerous toxic substances that settle on skin, penetrate the pores and clog them. It’s a fast way of triggering inflammation and acne breakouts.

Mistake 7. Cellphone

Believe it or not, even innocent-looking phone call might be a cause of clogged skin pores. Most people are unaware there are more bacteria on mobiles than on other object we use daily. Your cellphone gathers your skin cells, sebum, makeup or dirt transferred through scrolling. Pressing a phone to the face ends up in skin blemishes e.g. blackheads, pimples, red spots.

Mistake 8. Not cleansing skin thoroughly

Last but not least. Improper cleansing routine is yet another reason why skin pores are clogged. For instance, you use too harsh products that dry out skin and make it feel tight. Also, an intensive scrub might transfer impurities all over the face and irritate the skin. What you should strive for is gentle and effective cleansing e.g. multi-stage Korean-inspired routine (oils, micellar water, cleanser gel, toner) that always ends with a moisturising serum and creams.

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