BB cream – differences between European and Asian BB creams

BB creams are multi-purpose cosmetics, which is why they grow in popularity among overworked women. BB creams have conditioning and colouring properties, therefore, they combine the features of creams and foundations. The original Blemish Balms have been produced in Asia since the 80’s and differ from their European counterparts in terms of composition and properties. While the European ones only nourish the skin and even out the colour, Asian BB creams also have other functions. What? Discover the differences. 


Asian BB cream – composition and properties

1. Lifting properties (anti-ageing)

Asian BB creams contain retinol, which stimulates the skin to produce collagen and elastin responsible for skin elasticity. In addition, Blemish Balm contains shea butter, which has anti-wrinkle properties, vitamins E, C and D with regenerating properties and sunflower extract, rice bran and ivy, which protects against harmful external factors.

2. Moisturizing properties

Asian BB creams contain intensely moisturizing ingredients such as:

  • vegetable oil from soy, maize, wheat germ and carrot,
  • caviar extract,
  • Lily, liquorice, agave, cactus and aloe extract.
    Thanks to them, women with dry skin do not have to precede the application of BB cream with the application of moisturizing preparations.

3. Sun protection 

Some Asian BB creams contain SPF 45, meanwhile, European – SPF 30-35. The former ones protect even the sensitive, delicate and allergic skin from the sun. Moreover, Asian BB creams contain a higher concentration of photostable chemical filters and mineral filters, thanks to which they protect the skin against inflammation and burns, free radicals and excessive pigmentation more effectively.

4. Coverage

Most Asian BB creams camouflage imperfections to a light degree, but some provide full coverage. Asian cosmetics, unlike European ones, balance the skin tone not by covering it with a uniform colour, but by whitening the discolourations. Thanks to the content of arbutin, after a few weeks of using the Asian BB cream, age spots, freckles and discolouration become a little paler.

5. Healing properties

Asian BB creams contain ingredients that support the treatment of acne and purulent lesions, soothe irritation and reduce the visibility of scars.

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