How to cope with discolorations? Causes, treatments, prophylaxis

They appear on skin after the sun, acne and skin damages. It’s hard to heal them up and camouflage using make-up. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way: you can fight discolorations back and the outcome might surprise you fairly positively. How to do this? Learn the causes of discolorations, ways of preventing them and beautifying treatments.


What are discolorations?

Discolorations are flat pigmentation marks that appear on skin. Their shapes vary so do their colours, they can develop on the entire body (face, hands, cleavage). The most common discolorations are: freckles, chloasma and lentigo. They appear as a result of hormone disorders, excessive melanin production, frequent body exposition to the sun, severe acne.

How to fight with discolorations?

Before you decide to reduce the visibility of discolorations, ask a dermatologist for advice. Only an expert can suggest you an appropriate way of lightening your skin up. You should also know that curing process will depend on depth and form of imperfections.

Minor discolouration can be lightened up due to fruit acids containing vitamin C. They have exfoliating features and leave skin radiant. Similar action is characterised by kojic acid and arbutin as well as microdermabrasion treatment. Stronger exfoliating action will be delivered by chemical scrub featuring TCA acid, glycolic acid or azelaic acid. The most difficult discolouration can be removed thanks to laser or cryotherapy.

Discoloration prophylaxis

If you don’t want any discolouration to appear on your skin, or if you don’t want the already-existing discolorations to become even more visible, follow the pieces of advice listed below:

  • don’t get your skin tanned in a solarium – frequent use of solarium beds, which generate artificial light, can cause skin dehydration, discolorations, sunburns and skin cancer;
  • use cosmetics featuring UV filters – such products protect your skin from imperfections. Sunscreens have to be used even at home or work because the sun is able to go through the windows. In general, sunscreens with SPF 20 will do, yet the best protection is provided by doubled factor.
  • skin regeneration – if you happen to notice any kind of discolorations, don’t wait but apply to your skin appropriate preparations straight away. You can reach for highlighting, nourishing and skin regenerating products.

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